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Waste to Energy Solutions

Wood Waste Technology is the leading manufacturer in waste to energy systems, offering the best products and service - guaranteed!

At Wood Waste Technology, we help businesses save money or make money by utilising their wood waste, and putting it to good use.

We’ve a range of durable, reliable and easy to use wood waste heaters, to suit all sizes of business, that can help companies by providing free factory heating and saving money on skips and other waste disposal charges.

In addition, we’re the UK distributor for Gross grinding and briquetting technology, so have a full range of efficient and effective shredders, grinding machines and briquette presses to convert surplus wood waste into a more useful and convenient form.

As well as a comprehensive range of products, we offer a complete service - from site survey and design, to manufacture and installation. Our after sales service is also second to none, as we offer on-going maintenance, servicing and spares for many makes and models of wood waste heaters.

Most of our enquiries come from recommendation, and some of our clients continue to buy from us again and again. We’ve helped many companies save and make money, so give us a call to find out how we can help you maximise the money from your company’s waste.


Waste to Energy Solutions


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