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Green Building Materials

Well & able holdings pte ltd is a singapore-based company with offices and factories in shanghai and is represented by various partners in different regions of the world including Asia, middle east, Europe and south Africa.

We design and manufacture next generation building materials (Magnesium Oxide or BESTATM boards, ALC, Steel Columns & Beams, etc.,) and pre-fabricated building systems to address the growing demand for fast, efficient and sustainable construction methodology.

For the past twenty (20) years, we have been involved in over 250 major and mid-sized projects, for design, fabrication, installation and construction. Our experience is not limited to construction of chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, exhibition halls, train stations, machinery stores & mega malls in major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Suzhou, Haikou etc., we are also involved in affordable housing, apartments, dormitories, luxury villas, malls etc., in many countries across the globe. With our company’s objective to provide green & ecological-friendly, cost effective housing systems, we are gearing all our efforts through extensive research in design, development & testing to constantly improve our manufacturing & fabrication processes resulting in cheaper and quicker construction. W&A is a system and a material supplier. With our vast experience in various projects that were completed around the world, We are able to perform structure design with full structure design analysis and calculation reports. And we also work closely with installers to recommend and collaborate with local contractors to undertake the installation of our system.


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Green Building Materials

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