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Belgian famous technical know-how implemented by three Well Pumps S.A. cofounders allowed developing of a unique product highly resistant to abrasion that can be used in various domains going from private housing up to mining applications and deep wells. WPS® is a Registered trademark and Well Pumps S.A. has official distributors all around the world. WPS® pumps are used in a large number of countries among which we can mention Canada, the USA, most European countries as well as African, ex-Soviet and Asian states. Well Pumps S.A.’s solid, time-proved reputation enables the company to win new markets.

Well Pumps S.A. is a young, dynamic company willing to perfectly satisfy all clients’ needs. Now situated in Fleurus, Belgium, Well Pumps S.A. is constantly looking for new solutions in order to improve WPS® pumps performances.

The company has recourse to recent technologies that allows widening the range of its products and saving energy to their clients. The team exclusively lead by the Well Pumps S.A. cofounders insures the quality of all the products at every step of their manufacturing.

All the WPS® pumps components are made in Belgium and that guarantees their highest quality. A traceability system applied in Well Pumps S.A. is able to locate raw materials suppliers. A certificate of origin can be delivered by Chamber of Commerce of Belgium. Highly qualified engineers and technicians work with meticulous care to manufacture quality products labelled WPS®. After-sales service provided by company’s official distributors is ready to answer to any question concerning the choice or use of WPS® pumps. $0 $0 Well Pumps S.A. is environmentally responsible firm. Already energy efficient, WPS®-CP pumps adapt their energy consumption to operating speed and consequently to user’s needs. Moreover, all the WPS® pumps’ components are recyclable.


Water Pumps

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