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Eco Friendly Wares

We are a team of passionate indivuduals who share similar commitments to environmental awareness and sustainable living. Our members come  from different countries and have worked in fields ranging from the import/export trade market to sustainable farming practices .

We met at the beginning of 2018 and decided to create the UpBe project. A community based ethos centered on promoting environmental conservation and contributing to improve the working conditions of the families involved in our production process .  The idea behind UpBe was devised from the duty we felt to contribute in the improvement of the economic sustainability of  villagers in the vietnamese countryside .  Alongside with our conservation program to help protect the land and ocean from pollutants .

Our founder and CEO is a young Vietnamese woman, Tracy Nguyen. With the help of local and foreign visionaries she is commited to educate and support local farmers with new ways of designing a sustainable production aimed to minimize waste.



We source and collect discarded scraps and industrial organic waste meant to become landfill, then our craftsmen use them to provide you with certified handmade artifacts.The materials are sourced from provinces across Vietnam . We try to locate the best producers to ensure the highest quality standard possible. Our coconut shells and bamboo utensils are biproducts manifactured by recycling and reusing materials that come  from organic companies. Our wares are made from bamboo , coconut trees, loofah fruits and water hyacint.


Eco Friendly Wares



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Pham Van Bach Str, Ward 15 , Tan Binh Dist 571/23