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1969. Molteni & C. expanded its field of activity to include furniture that was not only for the home, but also for work environments. That’s how Unifor was born, a division that develops and creates designs for the contemporary office space. Autonomous structure, that operates in an integrated manner with other companies in the group, with which it shares resources, basic organization and a system of related services. Industry and workshop. Research, innovation and virtually limitless productive flexibility. A place of design and production, where advanced workmanship processes, experimentation and constant checking on qualitative levels coexist with handicraft know-how and the ability to adapt to the needs of the customer. Standard products and works executed on design. Large quantities and custom-made supplies. Integrated services of design, assistance, assembly and integral execution. Competitive costs and stable market position. Extensive presence at the international level and specialization in the sphere of large-scale projects. Unifor is concerned with environmental protection and strives to attain the goal of sustainable and responsible development through two main strategies: major investment programs for streamlining and rationalizing production processes, and intensive research and experimentation aimed at constantly improving products, not only in terms of aesthetics, function, performance and application, but from the point of view of sustainability. In addition to fully complying with all applicable environmental laws, UniFor maintains an active environmental policy, based on clear, shared principles: the careful selection of eco-friendly materials and production methods; the implementation of energy-saving industrial processes; reduction and recycling of waste; generalized participation, specific contributions and accountability on the part of everyone involved. UniFor’s design and production approach is based on the firm belief that the least environmental impact is achieved through high-quality products that are designed for durability and flexibility of use.

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UniFor Australia Pty Ltd 140 Bank Street, , Pyrmont New South Wales 200

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