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Everyone claims to be DIFFERENT, we are!

Yes, we do all of the things that you need and expect from a waste management company like ours, and our accreditations make impressive reading.

But Here’s the difference, we bring new ways to solve old challenges, and they work! Don’t believe us? Take a look at these stats:

Over 4,000 Local, Regional and Corporate customers2nd fastest growing waste and resource company in the UK – (as featured in Catalyst Corporate Finance Fast 50)99.2% of services delivered on time, first time97.4% of our services are delivered through SME’s


Absolutely, yes, we are, we like to throw down the gauntlet to our competition whenever we can. We are also very proud of our brokerage model and we want you to benefit from the flexibility it will bring to you. Filling lorries is not our priority, instead we get our kicks from finding creative methods of recycling and generally reducing the waste that you produce. We delight in seeing just how much money we can save you. It’s our thing, our passion.


Here’s an example where innovation won the day. At their wits end after many false starts with companies that professed to be different, Roadchef, were recommended to meet us. UKWSL designed a bespoke waste service for Roadchef, resulting in 40 tonnes of coffee grounds being diverted from landfill per annum. That was 3 years ago, and since then Roadchef have re-signed with us for another 5 years.

This is important

We really do put our customers at the heart of everything that we do! Customers want to do business with companies that they connect with emotionally and professionally, share similar culture and values, and are here to help them succeed in meeting their own goals and objectives.

This is about you, not us

Our teams are trained in the art of truly understanding our customer’s needs. Whether it’s a simple issue of finding the right person for you to speak to or nursing a sensitive issue through to a satisfactory conclusion, our teams will look after you.

Here it is

So, if, enthusiasm, expertise, cost saving and great service don’t appeal to you well, there’s not much point in meeting up, however, if they are Important attributes that you value, here we are, raring to go.


Waste Management Company


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