Total Green Recycling

E-waste Recycling, Data Destruction

Total Green Recycling is a young company using a fresh approach to solve today’s growing waste problems with enthusiasm and conviction. Incorporated on the 2nd of June 2008, under the name of That Guy’s Recycling Pty Ltd, brothers Michael and James Coghill decided to build a business in the relatively unknown, emerging e-waste recycling industry. How these young men managed to start such a business is quite a unique and interesting story.

Starting initially in their fathers garage, Michael & James began researching and developing a dis-assembly process for all the electronic waste they were seeing on the side of the road. After some time a business plan was developed and with the support and generosity of their father a company was formed and operations began out of a 400m² commercial site in Bibra-Lake in 2008. TGR was born and began offering e-waste recycling services to local councils across WA.

The business grew quickly and had outgrown its first premises within only 12 months. The decision was made to expand to a larger (1,000m²) facility in Welshpool.


Total Green Recycling (TGR) has established itself as both a successful and competitive, locally owned and operated enterprise. With specialized operations in E-waste Recycling, Data Destruction and Asset Recovery TGR now provide a complete solution for  WA businesses, governments and large multinational corporations in this new and important industry. Who knows what the future may hold for TGR, however with growing awareness of the importance of sustainability & the environment and with the growing wave of green businesses and industry we believe the company is well positioned for strong growth and we remain very optimistic about the future of our company.


E-waste Recycling, Data Destruction



Company address

26 Miles Road , Kewdale, WA, 6105