Sustainable Modular Building System

The Thermohouse modular building system consists of the following components:

Insulating Concrete Formwork – ICF Walls

Energy efficient floor system

Energy efficient roof system

Energy efficient ground floor insulation

We use reinforced concrete and EPS insulation in our homes. The combined properties of these materials results in strong and efficient structures with a reduced impact on the environment and on your energy bills.

Better still is that these homes can be built quickly and easily!



Our walls, floor and roof components can be used individually, or, combined to form an airtight thermal envelope.

The full system forms a monolithic concrete structure, fully wrapped in insulation, which is extremely airtight and free from any cold bridging.

These eco buildings can be designed and finished to any desired aesthetic. Curved or rectangular, timber cladding or brick – Whatever you imagine your dream home to be, with Thermohouse it is achievable.


Sustainable Modular Building System


United Kingdom