The Stratcon Technology Centre Sdn Bhd

Measured engineering, technology and development

The StratCon Group is devoted to making ideas a reality and projects successful. StratCon is committed to sustainability and viability of our actions. We measure our performance not only in terms of profits but our impact on the planet and people we interact with.

Management of installations, preliminary scheme acceptance and design, schedule definition, control and lead of project teams and resources, risk management and value engineering activities, reporting and assessment structures, construction commissioning and handing over. Consultation activities for renewable energy projects (biogas, biomass, and microgrids a specialty), environmental due diligence activities focused on environmental conditions and impact data collection, technical, legal, and financial requirements, consultation and support of new ventures. Feasibility analysis and assessment activities to verify that financial, social, environmental, and other relevant aspects of a project are correctly undertaken prior to the commencement of project activities. Activities include technical studies, data collection and historical series analysis, economic forecast and evaluation of relevant subsidies or incentives, legal and permitting assessment, site assessment, scheduling analysis and optimisation. Preliminary, definitive and executive design focused on civil, electrical and structural engineering. Additional activities include the identification of specific issues, mitigation of risk, performance and value engineering, and performance simulation. Supplier identification and selection process based upon different weighted requirements such as product quality, supplier support, item cost, supplier references, and life cycle costs. Negotiation of contract and terms of supply including logistics planning, quality assurance and acceptance tests, field engineering, performance testing and third-party testing. Analysis and advisory consulting services, including assessment of new technology impacts, support of planning technology evolution, and implementation.


Measured engineering, technology and development



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