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Reusable Products

The Regreen is a small group of humans committed to creating a big change. We are not perfect eco-warriors, but we deeply care about the planet and all the creatures on it and truly believe small actions become big outcomes. Every responsible choice made has a hugely positive impact on the planet, whether it's swapping the plastic bag for a fabric one or taking your reusable straw along to the coffee shop. There are many things that divide human beings, but we all have one thing in common- our home.

This beautiful planet is battling a climate crisis, and plastic pollution is an issue that is suffocating ecosystems across the globe. Our goal is to make it simple to reduce waste and increase sustainability so that the future is green. Our products are all designed to be convenient and easy to implement in everyday life. Reuse, repeat and revive. Reusing products, repeating the process and reviving the planet. That's what we believe in. The Earth is worth fighting for, and by making eco-friendly choices, we all can help protect the only home we’ve ever had- the home that breathed life. Feel free to browse our products, drop us any questions you may have, or just say hello! We would love to hear from you!



Reusable Products


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