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Refill Products

A desire to make a difference in the world and a love of shopping created the perfect storm.

It all began with a pretty olive oil bottle, and then buying a bottle of olive oil to pour into the pretty bottle. While contemplating the 20-minute lifespan of that second bottle in the shower (the perfect place to ponder and wonder), an idea formed. Why not just refill all the still perfectly good bottles instead of buying new ones every time?

A long road trip allowed the simple thought to turn into a vision of a place where you could get just what you need without anything that you don’t.



WE BELIEVE in love, gratitude and doing the right thing. We share with you what we like to use and make everyday necessities extra special, just like you!

We do what we do because hot bubble baths, clean people, lovely smells, smiles on faces and a little less plastic in the world makes us so very happy.



Refill Products


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363 E Main St Ventura, , CA 93001