The Logical Utilities Company

Powering Businesses Nationwide

We are pioneers in utilities bureau support services and developers of the best technology in the market. Our award-winning approach saves our customers millions on energy expenditure and carbon emissions each year. We are in business to deliver a competitive advantage to our clients by reducing costs and providing a world-class support service in all aspects of utility management. 

The Logical Utilities Company, Powering Businesses Nationwide


We are Sustainability Consultants. Green Contracts and Carbon Off-Setting is where we really excel

Founded in 2009 we have become the UK market leaders in energy consulting and support services specialising in multi-site and large commercial business sectors. We operate in a highly fragmented market where most providers concentrate on what they do and how they do it. Our success is attributed to our focus on “why” we do what we do; we challenge the status quo in the energy market. We believe we can improve a clients’ bottom line whilst removing highly complex tasks associated with energy from within their facilities and finance departments, and we are driven by sharing in this success.


Powering Businesses Nationwide


United Kingdom

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