Waste Management Solutions

We find it poignant that our planet is made up of 70% water, and so are our bodies. The ocean plays a massive part in how the earth functions, even in upcountry Johannesburg! Water is what makes the world green, and this big green-blue marble we call home paints a pretty picture – one that Tedcor would very much like help to preserve and keep beautiful, while still meeting the needs of the world’s people.

To this end, here are our company values, with TED being front and centre, of course:

T = Teamwork: acting as one, towards a shared purpose and common goal.

E = Embracing Differences: acknowledging the diverse contributions of those we interact with, through listening and sharing knowledge, with the purpose of creating a supportive environment.

D = Difference: we believe that each human can make a difference, either alone or together with others – but we believe the greatest differences can be made together.

U = U-Turn: we want to be a company that helps to reverse the damage man has done to the planet, so we want to restore, revitalise, renew, and refresh, through effective waste management.

C = Commitment: taking responsibility for our work.

R = Respect: treating all people with respect and dignity.

I = Integrity: dealing in an open, fair and ethical manner, in all aspects of our lives.

P = Passion: striving for excellence by completing tasks with initiative, enthusiasm, drive and enjoyment.

Tedcor has been embracing these values since its establishment in 1996, and in that time, it has built up an enviable track record.


Waste Management Solutions


South Africa