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Vertical indoor farming

Sustenir Agriculture provides sustainable, local alternatives to traditional farming. Our 100% clean, hydroponically grown greens are of superior quality and taste, and we only grow the highest nutritional vegetables to help you heal the world- starting with yourself.

Co-founders Benjamin Swan and Martin Lavoo met in 2008, and haven’t stopped talking about renewable materials, sustainable buildings and green lifestyles since. They co-founded Sustenir Developments and Sustenir Agriculture in 2013. 
A shared passion for nutrition, fitness and the environment fuels Sustenir’s team of quirky achievers.  Snazzy titles aside, each member of our team is responsible for our quality produce, bringing his or her own flair and flavour to the modern farming industry.


Locally grown, farm-to-table hydroponic greens.

Sustenir Agriculture uses modern science to grow great, high-nutrition, specialty leafy greens through sustainable Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). Our location near Singapore’s bustling Central Business District minimises the required costs and carbon footprint to grow and distribute our vegetables, making Sustenir products both socially and environmentally responsible.

The ultra healthy, ultra clean vegetables in our urban harvest include Leafy Greens such as Toscano (Black) Kale, Curly Kale, and European Spinach. By leveraging our patented technology, we are able to grow varieties that are non-native to the local climate; eliminating the dependence on imports and elevating the quality and freshness of foreign specialty vegetables.


Vertical indoor farming



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Unit #04-04, Admirax 8 , Admiralty Street, SG757438

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