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Superior Solar was named the Top Residential Solar Contractor in Florida by Solar Power World Magazine, 2017.  The Superior Solar legacy has been trusted by tens of thousands of clients since 1984, making Superior Solar Florida's most recommended solar company by roofers, builders and homeowners.  These honors were achieved through a steadfast commitment to top-quality products, exceptional service, and reliable support.


Superior Solar is not necessarily the cheapest supplier, but we provide the best value that can be found, along with the information needed to make informed buying decisions. Ultimately, we provide comfort and security by helping our customers save energy, expenses and our environment.  

where-to-buy-solar-panels-systems-florida.jpgBest-in-class equipment. All of our components are top-quality systems designed for the tough weather conditions in Florida and the Caribbean. Superior Solar is recommended by roofers because, unlike our competitors, we install with trusses, eliminating leaks for life. 

Highly trained technicians. We hire highly-trained and skilled in-house technicians and run them through at least six months of intensive training before they qualify to test for advanced positions.  

Safety. Protecting our team and your home is our top priority, so we are licensed and insured, and adhere to the most rigorous safety standards. Our installers are trained on necessary safety procedures and every truck is equipped with the appropriate safety gear. 

Insured for your protection. We are covered with a $5 million insurance policy to protect your investment and our team. This coverage is 5 times more than most competitors.

Best service and maintenance anywhere in Florida. We offer 24/7 customer support to handle any customer concerns or emergencies.

Warranties on all of our products. With a limited lifetime guaranty, our solar panels will provide you with years of hassle-free energy savings.    


Solar Energy Solutions


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