Back light powerless LEDS

SUNMADE INC is a Taiwan professional researcher in Solar Energy Model, Solar LED Sign, and Optical LENS (SUNMADE DOTs). Our Solar Energy Model and LED are widely adopted in Highway and Express systems and have been the biggest supplier in Solar LED sign. Now we focus on the research and development in” SUNMADE DOTs” without electricity but glowing, and successfully manufacture 3 types of SUNMADE DOTs for indoor-use, outdoor-use and light box. And they can be applied to any different field of industry in innovation and development.


For us, utilizing the purest energy(sunlight) to make more beautiful things is our most important value. Modern technologies bring us many artificial light resources, even in the daytime. But those can’t replace the coziness and happiness from natural sunlight.

Therefore based on the belief of “simplicity but not easy” and “utilizing light to lighten”, we design a series of the eco-friendliest products such as Shinning Sign, SUNMADE Sign, Glorious Cross, Glorious Horoscope, Crystal light box , low lamp , etc., totally lit by sunlight, from which presents unreplaceable natural beauty and pleasure. And such feelings can’t be intimated by artificial power.


Back light powerless LEDS



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