Solidary Fairtraders

Eco Friendly Consumables

Retired Frenchman, arrived in 2018, returned in 2019 and blocked by the pandemic, I shared the life of an NGO and I wanted to help them market their products for export, as their action seemed to me deserving on a daily basis in helping the underprivileged.

This is how I am still there in 2022 after having created Solidary Fairtraders, a new company for marketing  the products of our farmers and local artisans. My partner is the Director of  the NGO

Our rules are simple: products that respect the environment, fair compensation, close relationships.


Moringa products : powder, tablets, oil

Areca plates : bio degradable disposable plates

Bamboo items : cutlery, straws, glasses

Coconut items : cutlery, soap dishes


Eco Friendly Consumables

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4 Kottakarai road , Kanyakumari Tamil Nadu 629702