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Plant based Meat Products

Sgaia Foods Limited is a vegan food manufacturing company, based in Glasgow. All Sgaia products are made from scratch in the UK by a small team of humans, not machines. We have been pioneering the production of fresh, deli quality plant based meats since 2015.

Sgaia Foods is at the heart of a new, innovative approach to plant based living and dining. From hearty steaks to streaky bacon, to the finest meat free charcuterie, we strive to honour and authentically preserve food culture in view of a vegan future.

We have developed new plant-based meats and improved our classic recipes to deliver an elevated meat-free experience. At Sgaia Bottega, you can find our seitan-inspired meat alternatives used in innovative and timeless recipes. Handcrafted at our plant-based factory in Glasgow, UK, our natural recipes are designed to elevate your home culinary experience. You can enjoy restaurant-quality dishes delivered to your door, ready in just a few minutes.

Fresh Plant-Based Meats

Say bye-bye to dull and chemical vegan foods and hello to natural plant-based meats with flavour! Sgaia is changing the way alternative meat products are made. Our wheat and pea/soya mix creates protein-rich alternative meats, with every single product made individually by hand so they’re as fresh as can be. It isn’t just a case of creating vegan meats to surprise meat-eating friends, but giving those of us who prefer plant-based meat something as fresh, tasty and nutritious as possible.

Quality Vegan Meats Ready to Go

One of the biggest stumbling blocks we found other vegan meat brands have is the cumbersome nature of their products. Some brands will have more instructions than flat-pack furniture! When you shop at Sgaia, every single product is ready-to-eat from the second it arrives - but we do recommend giving some products a quick pan-fry to help their amazing flavours come out.

Making a Vegan Approach to Cooking Easier

Being Scottish, the idea of being vegan and no longer having a national treasure like Lorne sausage didn’t sit right with us. Neither does having boring old bean burgers and meat-free bacon lacking taste or a nice texture in the mouth. That’s why we develop vegan meats that can be used in almost any meal, with recipes galore to show how Sgaia plant-based meats can be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Open your eyes and palate to a new way of cooking with our vegan meats.


All our products are ideated, developed and made in our 100% plant-based factory in the vibrant city of Glasgow. Our aim is to make flavourful, appealing and highly nutritious food providing everything your body and mind needs.

Our recipes only feature naturally occurring, non-GMO ingredients and we never add chemical flavourings and thickeners to our products. We like to say that we make food, not lab experiments.


Plant based Meat Products


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