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Eco-friendly F&B Packaging Items

We provide genuine bespoke packaging solutions for our clients working closely with a tried and trusted range of National and Global suppliers who share values and our goals.

Today, much of what we do is focussed on sustainability but it is about finding the right solution that is practical, ethical and commercially viable.

We are innovators and relish new products and new materials. That said, there is an old fashioned element to the way we work; we like to meet our clients, get to know them and build long-standing relationships based on mutual trust and understanding.



We care about the planet but we care about your business too which is why we seek out commercially viable alternatives. Much of what we do today is about helping our clients achieve their environmental goals. There are so many factors to consider: sustainability carbon footprint, using recycled content, can the final product be recycled? Is it compostable? There is no single solution that will tick every box – the right decision is about balance and compromise. Our role is to help our clients understand the options and deliver practical solutions that work.

This is packaging that doesn’t cost the earth.

Our role is to advise and help our clients navigate the plethora of options to work together on the right packaging approach that is affordable, practical, ethical and sustainable. We will also provide you with the relevant information so that you can show your own customers the benefit of your approach to packaging.

The products that we are selling and more importantly developing are leading in the sustainable and environmental revolution. Anyone who is really serious about the environment that we live in and solutions that are available should be talking to us!

Our unbiased advice coupled with the clients views and potential waste stream will all be taken into account when helping clients choose the right products.ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL.


Eco-friendly F&B Packaging Items


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