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Biodegradable Additive Technology Solutions

SAWeco Company advocates REUSE, RECYCLE, REDUCE and eventual REMOVAL of plastic waste when using plastic to save the environment - through more use of recycled resins and biodegradable additive technology in the manufacture of plastic product and packaging.

Our Biodegradable Additive technology focuses on landfill biodegradation as up to 90% of plastic waste ends in landfill in many countries despite recycling programs and use of bio-based plastic such as PLA.

Our tested and proven technology works in most petroleum based plastic PE, PP, PS, PET, BOPP and more. Treated packaging with our additive is not sensitive to UV rays, sunlight and ambient heat. It has highly stable shelf and service life so no special inventory or shipping storage required. No fear of premature degradation.

Treated packaging retains all the normal properties except it biodegrades both aerobic and anaerobically to natural gases, moisture and biomass when in high microbial activity environment such as landfill and composting facilities.

Our Biodegradable Additive technology is neither OXO additive nor bio-based plastic technology.

Plastic takes decades or centuries to self-biodegrade or destroy. Without accelerated biodegradation, untreated packaging will continue to pile up subsequently contributing to pollution, limiting space and forcing need to build more landfills. 

Act NOW and save our environment as we grow our business.


Biodegradable Additive Technology Solutions