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About Us The more technology has developed, the more people desire to have a living space which is comfortable, luxurious and harmony with nature. However, the recent extreme weather phenomena such as record–breaking heat waves, superstorms, excessively cold weather and unusual snow falls in many regions in the world have warned humans about the natural changes. The Climate change has been bringing a dramatic transformation to social and economic life on Earth. In November 2013, the super typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest storms recorded on the planet, smashed into the Philippines and left a huge scale of death and severe damage to housing and public infrastructure. The United States was currently coping with a record cold spell created by snow storms and polar vortex which plummeted the temperature to -57°C. The extremely freezing temperatures made serious impacts on the American lives. In the last months of 2013, humans were deeply concerned about the unusual snow falls in Egypt, Jerusalem and Sapa (Vietnam) while the average temperature in some European countries was just 15°C in the coldest months of the winter. All the examples mentioned above are obvious evidences for immensurable consequences of climate change on human life. For this reason, a lot of countries worldwide including Vietnam have been building effective strategies for sustainable urban development to create a clean living environment, bring people closer to nature and develop “a green life” together.

VISION SADO GROUP determines to ensure sustainable development to become the top glass manufacturer in Vietnam, specializing in processing superior glass and aluminium products which satisfy with European and German standards and replace the imported glass products nationwide. Exporting our products to the market that require strict quality standards as Australia, the U.S., Japan, EU and other neighboring countries, which create more chances to compete with the famous glass manufacturers in the world MISSION To customers SADO always makes great effort to offer superior products to create elegant, modern and environmentally friendly living spaces and workplaces and develop “green architecture – green environment”. We work with the customers in the spirit of long-term relationships; making the customers’ interests our interests. To employees SADO GROUP creates a professional, dynamic and fair workplace for employees; help them to promote and get high income. The company encourages staff to develop their creativity, passion, make more innovation with new challenges and offer them rewards. To the communities and society SADO GROUP commits to combining our benefits with social benefits and contribute to improving the quality of life. We are willing to respect for cultural values and reduce impacts on the environment.


Building Materials



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