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Business development

Red Links, an on-demand B to B business development resource

We help a diverse range of organisations to be successful in and through Hong Kong.  Clients are either a player of or are embracing cleantech, renewables or sustainability in its business. 

 If you need to develop/improve your strategy plus get practical help in market to achieve your goals, whether for a project, a period of time or when a fresh perspective is needed, approach Red Links. 


Red Links offers a flexible, drop-in solution for making and keeping businesses successful, by helping with some or all of the following:

Improve your understanding of the market and the opportunities >> we can develop/improve and execute business development strategy and plans

Key relationship development and management >> we can build relations and grow business from existing clients

Track market and identify/convert opportunities >> we can be your eyes and ears in the market, to help win new clients

Brand representation and profile-raising >> we can ensure your brand is known and you have market profile in the right way and in the right circles

Our value add is the depth of understanding of the market and knowledge and experience of how to get things done. And the flexibility and ease with which clients can access that.

That means client are typically B to B start-ups or companies outside of Hong Kong – we help you hit the ground running, in/through Hong Kong, and around Asia.

We work in collaboration with various teams of consultants to build the optimal market, sector and skills coverage as any engagement requires.

We treasure our professional relationships - at the end of the day, a successful business is about people.




Business development


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