Rathna Exports

Eco friendly Everyday Consumabels

Initiated from our passion for eco-friendly products as a start-up, our venture has gained the reputation and customer trust due to our service and commitment we serve our customers. As a certified exporter, we take pride in exporting the best quality produce from India and priority is mainly focused on women handcrafted goods thus elevating rural women's growth and their economy. The products we innovate are truly world class and appreciated by renowned persons of the society with proper recognition. Initially, we started our business with the passion for eco-friendly products but now we are going to expand our horizons to several kinds of handcrafted goods keeping in mind that people’s growing up interests in other products too.

Our products are in huge demand for its customisation according to various customer requirements and uniqueness for various geographical regions. We focus extensively on Bamboo Toothbrushes, Sugarcane bagasse tableware, wooden spoon, forks, knives and 100% biodegradable PLA plastic products. We constantly strive to maintain up marked standards for our goods and excel in it.


Eco friendly Everyday Consumabels