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Recycling Equipment

QCR Recycling Equipment was founded in 1999. Over the years we’ve expanded our product supplier offering to include equipment from leading manufacturers so we can offer a broad range of solutions including balers, waste compactors, clinical waste destroyers and total waste management. This extensive range means we can offer customers exactly the equipment they require to help them reduce waste costs, save time and space and free themselves from expensive and rising bin collection costs. 

We continue to expand our customer reach, offering recycling solutions both nationwide and around the world directly to the end consumer and via our international distributors.  

With our solutions you manage the waste at the source which means, less bins, a tidier and safer workplace and of course reduced waste costs. QCR strongly believes the most efficient way for any business to manage their waste is this way.

Regardless of what we currently stock you will always be given the ideal solution for your business based on your waste streams and business costs. We will look at your waste streams and your costs and offer the best solution for your business. Offering both exceptional customer service to all of our existing clients and our future ones is our primary concern.


Our waste compactor can reduce your waste by up to 75% and our balers by 90%. Prices start from just £12 per week and we offer free trials to prove our recycling machines will save you money.

Our range of recycling balers is unique with no other UK company offering the diverse range we do. We have over 4,000 customers who are using our baler equipment and agree. Our baling machines and compactors are available to buy or rent and we guarantee excellent value for money and service. We will organise collections of your recyclable material and can advise you on your options regarding rebates to make sure you are making the most of your waste.

Complimentary training is provided on all baling equipment, whether it's a cardboard baler, glass crusher or an imploder. We provide this training for the lifetime of the equipment.


Recycling Equipment


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