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Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

When we first realised that there were so many more people who were thinking about the environment and the cleaning products they were using, we saw an opportunity to make a real and meaningful contribution. We also saw an opportunity to turn it into a conversation.

Everyone thought we were mad, especially the notoriously difficult chemical industry that we were going up against, who are mostly invested in combating all bacteria as a function of cleaning.

PROBAC persevered and has since become a well established retail and commercial brand on the back of three basic principles: -

PROBAC technology makes sense (mimics natural process of biodegradation)

PROBAC cleans brilliantly (sustained residual deep cleaning)

PROBAC “DOESN’T COST THE EARTH®” (GOOD for the planet and your pocket)

PROBAC credibility for innovation in probiotic cleaning is now securely entrenched and leading to compounded growth with new players entering the market across all sectors.

Internationally, PROBAC cleaning technology is now being widely considered in scientific circles as the world’s most advanced. Not just another environmentally friendly cleaning chemical, but a distinctive novel technology shift, - one that is widely deemed to be supremely good and healthy for people, animals and our beleaguered environment.


Eco Friendly Cleaning Products


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