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We Make Recycling Easy.

Recycling is not (just) about separating your waste between different groups. It’s about education. It’s about doing the right thing. It’s about showing that you are aware of our 21st Century issues, and you want to do something about it. And Postwink helps you on this journey.

Having a sustainable business, school or home, is no longer a pie in the sky. At Postwink, we believe that starting a recycling initiative, using quality and user-friendly recycle bins (and other useful products), educates about the importance of thinking long-term.

Yes, our recycling bins will ensure that your recyclables are not contaminated, and as a result, you will improve your recycling rate and send less waste to Landfill. Yes, our branding will teach your staff about waste separation. Yes, our solutions will help you turn your food waste into a resource. But it starts with you wanting to embark on this Sustainability journey.


Recycling Services


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