Planet Lover

Compostable Products

Planet Lover is a brand created in September 2018, and is owned by ICreationz - a sole proprietorship established in November 2015. Planet Lover offers an array of eco-friendly products alternating to Plastic and Styrofoam at affordable prices with the aim of encouraging businesses and communities to opt-into sustainable practices that help protect the environment from plastic pollution. Products offered by us are mostly home-compostable thereby making it eco-friendly. We invest great efforts to encourage local businesses, thereby most products offered under Planet Lover are manufactured in Sri Lanka, whilst some products are sourced internationally to make them available in the local market.

In addition to the core business Planet Lover is involved in a few community development and environment development projects with the vision of creating a sustainable planet for all.


Our  vision is to “Become a eco-friendly lifestyle of creating a sustainable future”.


Our company mission is “to provide eco-friendly products made easily accessible at affordable prices to create a greener and sustainable future”


Our company purchases eco-friendly products sourced locally and internationally and makes these products available across multiple online and offline retail stores for customers to purchase.


Compostable Products


Sri Lanka