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Amorbach. This town in Odenwald produces mineral wool based ceiling systems, which have made us one of the leading companies in our sector in Germany and Europe. We employ logistic solutions, supported by our consulting and service teams, that connect us with our markets around the world. Finished products and accessories are made to order and always delivered on-time, from our warehouse in Amorbach or from one of our distribution sites. It all started with only 60 employees. Today, with around 450 staff, OWA is one of the most important employers in the Bavarian Lower Main region.

OWA, based in the Bavarian town of Amorbach, has been developing ceiling systems since 1948; first in woodfibre, then in mineral wool. Its latest offering, the ‘OWAconsult collection’, treats the ceiling as a three-dimensional object, imbuing it with optical interest as well as acoustic smarts.


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Dr.-F.-A.-Freundt-Straße 3 , Amorbach Amorbach 63916

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