One World Environmental Solutions

waste management

We deliver a world of knowledge and experience in waste management, recycling and transport logistics, organisational psychology and behaviour change programs.

One World partners with private enterprise, government and local communities to develop better and sustainable waste management systems through:

  • Achieving population behaviour change
  • Designing cost effective transport logistics
  • Impart tailored human resource solutions
  • Implement best practice methodologies
  • Understanding unique local community and environmental characteristics

In addition to waste management consulting we also specialise in the transfer of intellectual property, brokering of businesses, both acquisition and divestment.


core business

One World has demonstrated management skill and consulting expertise across the whole waste management sector, with genuine capability to:

  • Size up the many elements of a presenting issue
  • Understand possible implications of change

We work in close partnership with a wide cross-section of personnel to ensure the solutions are:

  • Viable
  • Sustainable
  • Effective as possible for all stakeholders.

Our practical approach to waste management is a real asset in driving positive change while maintaining the momentum of progress.

The key providers in the industry seek our input and involvement in their most complex challenges.

We host visitors from around the world on demonstration tours showcasing how waste is managed in South Australia.


waste management



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PO Box 63, , Highgate, SA 5063