Natural Mineral Water

Olu Tropical Water comes to life in Sri Lanka’s extremely rare cloud forests, nestled in the lush mountainous tropics of the island’s central highlands. Across the world, cloud forests account for just 1% of the Earth’s woodland, making Sri Lanka one of the very few countries that is home to these precious forests. A cloud forest also known as an “elfin forest” or “water forest”, is a tropical or subtropical forest characterized by a persistent low-level cloud cover, usually at the canopy level. As you’d imagine, rays of sunlight struggle to pierce this thick blanket of clouds, which causes a slower evaporation rate and provides the forest with a bounty of life-giving moisture. This rich, flourishing environment plays host to a myriad of unique ecosystems and endemic species.


The genesis of Olu water begins 4300 feet above sea level in the montane cloud forests of the Nuwara Eliya district. Within these cloud forests, much of the moisture available to plants arrives in the form of fog drip, where fog condenses on tree leaves and then drips onto the ground below. Absorbed by the earth, this pristine water makes its way to a catchment valley in Kotagala where it is extracted from beneath 196.85 feet of bedrock


Natural Mineral Water


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