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Eco-Friendly Frying Solution

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We Provide the most sophisticated eco-friendly frying solution in the world.

All of our products are FDA approved, FSIS, USDA, CE approved, and come with $2m liability protection and a robust 3year warranty.

We have a simple, but robust mission: to help owners and operators of professional catering environments to reduce their environmental impact through the implementation of eco friendly initiatives that actually work.




Reducing costs – By providing proven solutions that yield ROI easily within 12 months, we strive to help business owners increase profits and increase food quality through our eco friendly offerings. We reduce the carbon footprints of all professional frying operations.

Going Green – We are targeting millions of deep fryers around the world. By reducing the energy consumption in each of those fryers by just 5% per day, every day, every year, we will make a significant impact on reducing carbon footprints and environmental waste.


Eco-Friendly Frying Solution



Sean Farry

Sean Farry


[email protected]

We do a lot to improve food quality, sustainability and quick ROI! Eco Friendly Chef Corp. Is the way forward. Our focus is on reducing waste and environmental impact in the food service and food manufacturing industry. We help to improve food quality and health with all types of deep fried food, whether this be in the final cooked form or at the manufacture, processing, blanching and freezing stages. I am a big believer in cutting costs without compromising quality. I look forward to the day that all Restaurants and Chefs will join our Eco Friendly quest and until then we will provide eco friendly solutions that will help them all to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce their overall food cost.

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