No Plan B

Eco Friendly Products

Here at No Plan B, we are dedicated to making products out of sustainable materials, in order to reduce our carbon footprint, help put an end to global deforestation and do our part to save our beautiful Earth.

All of our products are made of 100% natural materials; sourced locally to support business here in Vietnam and taking every care to reduce our carbon footprint. We have ensured that no slave labour occurs at any point in our chain of production.



Some species of bamboo can be harvested in one to five years; on average this is 8 times faster than an oak tree.

After harvesting bamboo, almost every part of the plant can be utilized and hardly any waste is produced.

In countries like Vietnam, bamboo production and the manufacturing of bamboo products provides social and economic stability in highly impoverished areas.

 Can bamboo save the planet? We don't know yet. That's the truth.

But this amazing plant, with all its uses and lower environmental impact  than other materials, gives us a chance to enjoy the comforts of modern life without causing irreparable damage to our planet.



Eco Friendly Products