Nature Rustic

Disposable Tableware

NatureRustic is a Singapore based company supplying disposable tableware made from the naturally fallen sheath of the Areca palm tree. Moreover, this is a "feel good" product as once you use it, you will feel good that you have not only contributed to the betterment of the environment but have also supported the development of the rural folks employed in factories to make these products.


NatureRustic was born to promote the use of products made from nature and to eliminate the rampant use of plastic disposables. Our rustic looking tableware is naturally made from the fallen sheath of the Areca Palm tree. 

Being 100% biodegradable and backyard compostable, they are an excellent replacement to the environment damaging plastic disposables commonly used. Stylish and yet sustainable, you can now proudly indulge in guilt-free entertainment of your guests!


Disposable Tableware