Naturally Clean Vietnam

Natural Personal Care Products

We aim to produce high quality natural personal care and cleaning products that not only give you healthy skin and hair, but also are environmentally friendly.

Chemicals are effective in cleaning, but very harmful for our body and our environment. We, as a family own company, just want to make something better for our family and people around us. We want to share information to help demonstrate the word “green” more clearer, not products with green packaging but still using the same synthetic contents.


We take into account health benefits of users including us and our environment to formulate our products. We don’t use synthetic ingredients: no artificial color, no synthetic fragrance, no preservatives, no foam boosters, no additives. Our packaging is 99% plastic free. 

We believe that the simple the better and closer to nature. The mother Nature has given us sufficient ingredients to create good things for us. What we need to do is to appreciate, to understand and learn how to use it properly. 


Natural Personal Care Products