Natural Panaa Pty Ltd

Eco Friendly Products

Natural Panaa is a social enterprise promoting, encouraging and making social change through sustainable products like Areca leaf plate. We procure them through small scale industries in India enabling better opportunities to the manufacturers through fair pricing. It is also an aggregator of small scale industries establishing effective supply chain.

Natural Panaa is an idea that came as a solution to one of the most catastrophic problems the world is facing today - Plastic pollution. It chooses to do so in a way that is sustainable for the environment as well as a win for the rural and semi urban small scale industries in India. These products are sourced, aggregated and marketed from small scale and home based industries which are mostly unorganised in India. 




Natural Panaa currently caters to Australia and sells Areca leaf based plates and trays. We will be expanding our Areca leaf product range very soon. We have two manufactures working very hard currently to get the consignment ready for shipment, please click on the below link to read more about them.


Eco Friendly Products