Renewables and Environment

“BAMBOO DEPARTURE. GREEN GARDEN” In essence green building materials, to create the most healthy indoor environment quality. People-oriented living space and practical value outside the function, Mao Asia Department more focused on “healthy quality environment” profound physical and spiritual care of the customer experience. We develop Taiwan’s abundant bamboo resources as the starting point of origin through the high-tech research and development of a new generation of green building materials, not only combines environmental protection, energy saving and carbon reduction meaning outside, and further found that “the essence of the human pursuit of health” and to develop a a full range of indoor healthy green building materials – .

COMPLETE OUTLINE GREEN GARDEN ROUTE Value Innovation Department Mao Asia, while performance in the team, in addition to providing technical Artisan, sound and professional consulting and construction, after-sales service satisfaction, we pay more attention to each partner specializing in cultural awareness, in order to “health consultants’ point of view , providing innovative thinking and service recommendations to meet not only found to be more active to achieve your pursuit of high-quality living environment. We work with domestic and foreign architects, designers and artists, to jointly promote the green building materials, green decoration, green design to build “give you the most healthy home” concept. Maintain the ecological balance of the world’s resources, to create a people’s health and the quality of the indoor environment – now or in the future, no doubt, Mao Asia Department will continue to share this endless vitality, culture, spiritual tradition thousands of years, from Taiwan, Asia starting to transfer all around the world. GREEN BUILDING MATERIALS ASSOCIATION A person’s strength is small, everyone changes with great force. This is a response to environmental Jiankang alliance, co-sponsored by a group of building materials, furniture, furnishings and other folk cloth industry, the launch of the formaldehyde-free natural materials, recycled materials for the material, adding creative design concept widely used among Richangshenghuo , Mao Asia Department as one of the league sponsors, initiate the reform movement to stimulate the building materials, face the increasingly serious problem of global warming, to give people more comfortable and healthy living environment. FUTURE Mao Asia Department will be “healthy, sustainable” for the element extends to all aspects of the development of life, richer portfolio of innovative green value. Learning to ordinary bamboo attitude do extraordinary things. Mao bamboo personality – line will be extended to performance space, there is a more evolved future culture, green building materials as a platform for common response “sustainable planet, human health” concept.


Renewables and Environment

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