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Mapei Far East Pte Ltd was constituted in Singapore in 1989 as the regional headquarters for the development of Mapei business in the region. It started off as a commercial subsidiary with a modest area of 500m² consisting of the warehouse and office. In 1995, the factory was established in one of Singapore’s pioneer industrial zones in Tuas, Jurong, in the western part of Singapore. Total area is 10,000m². Entering the third millennium in 2000 Mapei, after having established its reputation in Singapore as the world’s leading producer of Adhesives, embarked on strategies for introducing their technologies as a leading player for a wide range of chemical products for construction. Mapei Far East commenced on the development of the Building Line and Admixtures. Subsequently, in 2003, the Underground Technology Team (U.T.T.) regional base was set up in Singapore. UTT offers a full range of technical service and products to the shotcrete and TBM tunnel industry. This was followed in 2006 by the setting up of the Cement Additives Division regional base to service the cement factories in this region. This division was further reinforced in September 2010 with the formation of a full team of 4 persons to boost Technical and Commercial services led by a Regional Director. In early 2011, the Floorings business (Building Line) was also consolidated on a regional basis with the appointment of a dedicated Regional Manager.

Ceramic, Underground, Flooring, Resilient, Coating, Admixture, Paint, Sealant



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28, Tuas West Road Singapore 638383