Mama Bamboo

Eco-friendly Bamboo Nappies & Wipes

Mama Bamboo nappies and wipes make it possible to be eco-friendly without compromising on quality. Bamboo is softer and more sustainable than cotton and protect's baby against nappy rash.

Naturally highly absorbent, wicking moisture away from the skin, bamboo is also naturally anti-bacterial, breathable & temperature regulating. There are no nasty toxic chemicals in our nappies or wipes. No chlorine, no alcohol, no fragrances or latex. Simply soft, protective, natural bamboo.


Our nappies and wipes are made from sustainable bamboo and corn starch. These bamboo areorganically fast-growing; no false irrigation, no pesticides or fertilisers. Moreover, our nappy packaging is 100% compostable.


Eco-friendly Bamboo Nappies & Wipes


United Kingdom

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Jennie and Laura

Jennie and Laura


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Two years ago, having been less than thrilled with what was commercially available at the time, I had the mad idea to create my own nappy brand. Jennie was the first person I turned to to help me make this a reality. Together we’ve built Mama Bamboo because we were both horrified by the general acceptance of nappy rash as a part of a baby’s early life and by the mind boggling facts that 8 million single use plastic nappies are thrown away every day.

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