MagorTherm Global Trading Pte Ltd

Concrete, Plaster, Screed and Precast units

The construction industry is one of the most conservative industries in the world. For decades or even centuries, nothing has really changed…

We are here to revolutionise the construction industry by changing the way we will live in our future homes ( apartments or houses ), do business in commercial spaces ( office, retail or hotels ), as well as in industrial or logistics buildings.

If you want to learn more, we are happy to visit you anywhere in the world and prove to you that you can live a healthier lifestyle by saving costs not only after you move in, but in fact from the moment you start to design your new home or office, or even when you choose to relocate into an older building which we can renovate for you in the shortest possible time.


Our products have certificates from the leading laboratories, standards certifications and approvals agencies.


Concrete, Plaster, Screed and Precast units



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International Plaza 10 Anson Road #33-04A/33-17 , Singapore 079903