Lee Soon Seng Plastic Industries

Degradable Plastic Trays

Lee Soon Seng (LSS) is leading vacuum former in South East Asia of clear disposable food packaging container such as clamshell, tray blister, lunch box and etc with enviromental responsible production lines.

We have an extensive range of over 1000 standard products, and are also able to offer custom moulding of exclusive designs with a low cost of entry.

Virtually everything is conducted in-house, on site – from concept design, through toolmaking to production, artwork and decoration.

At LSS, our main concern is customer satisfication and enviromental friendly products. For pass 33 years, we have been innovating, growing, improving and expending to bring the market most competitive products range.

Our products are design in cinsistent quality, attratively and the ability to come in on time and on budget for deli, bakery, catering , grocery and food service industries.

In year 2008, LSS has listed in Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE) as SCGM Berhad.


LSS have the biggest manufacturing facilities in Malaysia in vacuum forming production lines.

We have one stop solution from R&D, Extrusion, Design Vacuum forming ans shipping to maximise competition and customer satisfication.

Besides a large variety of standart packaging. Our engineer is helping customers to custom design new products inspire better engagement.

We’re as dedicated to superior customer service as we are to innovative packaging solutions. We make a point of learning about your business. Then we dedicate our world-class resources to working with you. And finding your best product packaging answer.


Degradable Plastic Trays