Water Cooler

Lavit is an on-demand water cooler that offers still or sparkling water, and 25+ different flavor options. We eliminate the need to stock your office fridge with water bottles and cans of seltzer, and offer healthier alternatives to sugary sodas. Each EcoCap is made from 100% aluminum, and thus 100% recyclable.


Why are we better?

Because all of our drinks are either completely unsweetened, or 10 calories or less, we help eliminate unhealthy, sugary drinks from your office break room. And, our cooler completely eliminates the need for plastic water bottles or jugs.

What else?

We believe that clean water is a human right, and should be easily accessible no matter where you live. Through our partnership with OneDrop, each time you use an EcoCap, you are helping build a well of clean water for people in need.


Our drinks are better for you, our system is better for the environment.



Water Cooler


United States