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Established in 2013, LEC is a reputed energy services company (ESCO) and industry leader in energy conservation in Sri Lanka. Shaping the future of energy conservation

ECO 33 (Formerly perth eco power) is the corporate office of LEC, established in Perth Western Australia. Offering customer the benefits of cost effective Energy Retrofit, Energy Conversation and Energy Monitoring Solution. LEC is the R&D center and Technical Monitoring Center of ECO 33.

LEC's Core differentiation is the ability to offer Energy Performance Contracting, with superior economics and immediate tangible impact . Using its in-house experience In energy conservation and cross engineering experience (Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic ).

Principal representative of EcoStruxureware from Schneider Electric (France), Magnetic Bearing Chiller Technology from SMARDT Australia / Canada.

We use australian energy conservation experience and energy retrofit project management expertise.



Creating a responsible community Where excellence in value is clearly defined


Leading the way in diversified, innovative technologies and provide cost saving energy solutions to complex infrastructure projects while ensuring the responsible use of energy improving the worlds environment and sustainability.


Energy Services


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