Disposable tableware

Based in India, Lambency International is a leading exporter of disposable tableware that is 100% sustainable to the environment. In order to make a difference in society, our founding members came up with an idea of eco-friendly business to serve both people and nature.

In association with the class-leading brands, our company offers the finest grade of items. With a laser-focused commitment, we export products to estimable clients around the globe. Moreover, with the membership of the Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO), we have gained strong credentials for maximum accountability. Our company is committed in practicing  positive corporate governance as we focus on maximun sustainability. We pay heed to what customers want. Therefore, Lambency International also offers personalization in accordance with clients’ needs.


Focusing on Eco-healthy solutions, our QA experts ensure all the materials are of superior quality. We also make sure that our partners follow our unique business philosophy of accelerating the transition towards sustainability.

Our organization always prioritizes our customers. Therefore, we take pride in on-time delivery.


Disposable tableware