Solar power solutions

Kyocera has been a pioneer in developing innovative solar power solutions for over 40 years. During this time, Kyocera has set the standard for harnessing the Sun’s energy with highly reliable and high quality, best-in-class technology ― having produced an accumulated 8 gigawatts of solar power generating equipment to date.

Kyocera Asia Pacific serves Oceania and greater Asia, covering countries in the south, south-east and the middle-east. Kyocera solar modules have been widely used in residential, commercial and industrial PV projects, with a particularly impressive track record in Thailand.

Our leading international partner in Thailand, Solar Power Company Group (SPCG), has been utilizing Kyocera solar modules with great results since 2010 in their monumental solar farm project, now consisting of approximately 260 megawatts in total. Along with their exclusively designed ONE STOP solution (system design, installation, O&M and application support) for customers, our solar installations are also closely observed with a remote monitoring system to ensure optimal performance.


A sustainable energy vision made real by Kyocera.

In the modern age, society has become heavily dependent on fossil fuels. However, underground oil and natural gas reserves are limited ― and even if new deposits are continuously discovered, the environmental problems relating to carbon dioxide emissions will only worsen. Solar power, on the other hand, is a limitless resource, providing clean, limitless electricity. Kyocera has developed a global business network through which it promotes the installation and use of solar power generating systems to help solve growing energy needs and the problem of environmental damage.



Solar power solutions



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