Lightweight insulation block

ISOTEC Holdings Pte Ltd, established in 2011, is engaged in the sole distribution of “AH” Lightweight Insulation Blocks, a building material made from recycled LCD glass, in the Southeast Asia region. Our lightweight insulation blocks are used as energy-saving and fire-safe insulation in residential buildings, power plants, laboratories, warehouses as well as the marine industry. Our partition and ceiling segment provides acoustic solutions and acts as an insulator as well.

ISOTEC Holdings Pte Ltd obtained a certification from TUV SUD PSB Pte Ltd, Singapore, for the Non-Combustibility Test (BS 476 PT 4); 132 minutes Fire Rating Test (BS476 PT 22); Zero Asbestos and the Acoustic Test (ASTM C423-09a)(ASTM E413-04)(ASTM E90-04).


Our company is introducing a lightweight insulation block that will revolutionize the construction industry with its breakthroughs in energy savings, reduction of construction work rates, fire prevention and noise reduction.

One of the special feature of our “AH” Lightweight Insulation Block is that it can refract the heat rays from the atmosphere entering the building, thus acting as an insulator and maintaining a cooler temperature within the building.

This helps the user to save costs through its reduction of energy consumption by the daily reduction of higher levels of air-conditioning usage, whilst enhancing its sustainability in the long run


Lightweight insulation block



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