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Indoor Vertical Farm

Honest greens is looking to transform Sri Lanka’s agriculture sector by working towards the country’s goal of food security and agricultural diversification through the introduction of high-tech climate controlled indoor vertical farms.

Indoor vertical farms are completely different to growing outside. Think of it like growing food inside your refrigerator, except we use a gigantic cold room. As you can imagine, you don’t find insects, pests or wild grass inside your refrigerator, hence there is absolutely no need to use any sort of pesticides. You can rest assured that not a single bug has landed on your leaves. If you’re looking for clean produce, look no further.

Technology is central to making a vertical farm work. We supply light by means of horticultural lighting systems, water rich in nutrients through the use of precision hydroponics and fine-tuned air using climate control systems. Our plants always get what they need to thrive, regardless of the environment outside.

As a result, we can produce crops that are bursting with flavors throughout the year, defying the changing weather patterns. If you haven’t had a chance to try Honest Greens, our products are available at leading supermarkets around the country. Be sure to look out for the freshest greens in town!


We grow tender greens that are full of flavor. Regardless of its spicy or sweet, the way we grow allows us to amp up the flavor profile of each plant!



Indoor Vertical Farm


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