Herbon Natural Products

Eco preferable Home & Personal care Products

Herbon was founded in 1982 (formerly known as Puren Australia) by an industrial chemist who was actively involved in the research and development of environmentally preferable and allergy free products. Herbon Pty Ltd is run as a family business and services the Australian market through distributors to health food outlets, supermarkets, pharmacies and food co-operatives.

Herbon Pty Ltd has a warehouse factory and head office in Geelong, Victoria where the products are manufactured. The warehouse facility is the primary site of manufacture equipped with a dry mixing area for all powder products and four mixing vats of varying sizes to mix liquid products. The end product is stored in the front half of the warehouse awaiting transportation. It is then distributed via road by sub-contracting transport companies to distributors who are responsible for any additional off site requirements such as selling the product.

“Herbon Pty Ltd is recognised as being a leader in producing environmentally preferable home and personal care products market.”

Herbon products are deemed to have negligible risk of allergic reaction. Even the most hypersensitive people have been able to use our products without reaction because they contain no petrochemicals or artificial ingredients. There is significant research evidence that our man-made world is creating an environment full of serious health hazards. Herbon through their range of products has developed solutions to prevent health problems.


Herbon personal and household products are:

Allergy Free*

100% Biodegradable

Free of petrochemicals; or artificial perfumes or animal ingredients

Not animal tested

Safe for septic systems

* Herbon products are tested by Medical Specialists and are deemed to have negligible risk of allergic reaction.


Eco preferable Home & Personal care Products