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Started with International Trade. Singapore is a multi-ethnic nation of immigrants; also, one of the most international countries of world. We began this career is because of an interest in furniture industry. Also, with a location advantage, integration of Chinese and Western cultures, then we full-time import furniture from European, American, and Taiwan to Singapore. Emphasize quality and lead-time. Responding to the product quality and lead-time of the trade is not easy to self-control, we decided to set up our manufactory in Taiwan after considering the quality of human resources, the supply chain of raw materials, geographical and environmental factors, so that we can exactly implement quality control and lead-time confirmation very well. Today, we have been in Taiwan for 14 years; in addition to set up the 1st factory in Taichung Industrial Park conducting administration, sales business, R&D, marketing, processing, purchasing, accounting and so on; the 2nd factory located in Longjing Taichung handling the product assembly and shipping contact. Encourage innovative design. The 21st century is the era of cultural and creative design. Following this trend, we encourage our R&D team to boldly invent and design. No matter invention, improvement, or appearance changes, we apply for patent protection in order to protect the original creator’s intellectual property right. Meet ANSI/BIFMA standards. Our products meet applicable ANSI/BIFMA standards. If there are extra test requests from customers, we also can entrust the related test unit to implement such as SGS. Insist on design concept. Our products can be applied in various public places such as offices, auditorium, conference room, seminars, training facilities, libraries, hospitals, religious organizations, reception, and dining area. The design is flexible. We do care if each design could be stacked, could be folded, could be rotated, or could be stored up to achieve the purpose of saving space. We provide total solutions in order to meet the needs of the end users in space and environment. Provide OEM and ODM contract. From focusing on the customers’ needs, proceed into R&D, to develop a final prototype product as a sample, we all strive to provide specialized and customized services to our clientele according to the specification demands of customers. Expand overseas service places. Except the headquarters and manufactory are set up in Taiwan, in Singapore, we have an outstanding sales team and a logistics center for providing great service to our customers. We also organized a marketing group in Hong Kong in July, 2011. Of course, we are now actively looking for new markets and local-and-cooperative partners in Canada, Australia, and the Middle East countries, providing high quality and fast service to local customers. Participate in overseas exhibition. Set booth in the U.S.A., Singapore, and Dubai regularly, and in Cologne, Germany sometimes for have a great mutual communication with each other. Come to visit or contact us now! We have an outstanding service team. In addition to providing you a competitive price, high quality service, and timely technical support, we also can help you to convert your ideas from concept to entities. All in all, increasing your working efficiency and optimizing your working environment has always been our most concerned mission.

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