e-commerce, impact management, carbon offset

Handprint is on a mission to integrate positive impact into every business transaction. We offer Impact as a Service by connecting companies to causes they and their customers care about.

On the one hand, we curate diverse impact projects within the regenerative economy, focusing on habitat preservation, mangrove reforestation, coral reef reconstruction and ocean plastic cleanups but fast expanding towards social impact as well. On the other hand, we create (plug-and-play) digital technology solutions that empower our clients to integrate positive impact into their services. Our suite of solutions forms a modular digital regenerative toolbox from which clients can select components that automate, integrate, and visualize positive impact creation. As such, our clients' existing products and services become regenerative, in a few clicks so that they can grow, with the planet.

Our first products have given us access to 2.75 million ecommerce stores worldwide giving us high-scalability potential. Now we are expanding our toolbox with various POCs in industries as diverse as banking, paper, hospitality, travel, transport, shipping, and electricity. The flexibility of our toolbox allows us to help companies integrate micro-contributions to positive impact projects into any kind of business process, customer touchpoint, or employee KPI.

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The key things that set us apart from other companies in the impact integration space


  1. We turn donations into impact purchases with long-term monitoring and transparent financial accounting: you know where your money goes and how it is used.

  2. Flexible regenerative toolbox: we can connect any KPI to positive impact, not just e-commerce sales

  3. Impact diversity: not everyone wants to offset carbon emissions. Choice is king

  4. Focus on regeneration and planet positive action: carbon neutrality as an ambition level is insufficient to reverse global warming. Footprints (historical environmental guilt) do not motivate action

  5. Impact personalization: We establish a P2P connection between clients and the impact projects they support.

  6. Impact (in the forms of claims to common pool benefits) are co-owned by the brand / platform and the consumer / user. This cements the long-term relationship between company and consumer: You are saving the planet together

  7. Founded by PhDs as a spinoff of an NGO that works on financial transparency and access to carbon markets for coastal communities. We are an evidence-based, data-first tech company whose product is regeneration.


e-commerce, impact management, carbon offset

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160 Robinson Road #14-04 , Singapore Central Singapore 068914

How Handprint works


Handprint is the best climate tech app out there! The plugin is simple, easy to understand, and allows for organizations like us to expand our mission. We are now an important piece of the regeneration generation making purchases more planet positive. With Handprint, we are able to change lives and grow our global handprint.

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Turtle Leaf

Super easy to install and use. The widget that displays on my site looks great, and I really like that my customers can see the impact my business is having on the environment. The dashboard is also great as it shows the status of the impact projects and has lots of insightful stats. Highly recommend!

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New Zealand Fresh

As a small merchant, I do not have the power to incentivize my suppliers to become more sustainable. Yet I wanted to do something to show to my customers that New Zealand Fresh was more than just a high quality food delivery service. Handprint was just the solution I needed. It was simple to install and does the job well. Now, with every sale, I reroute a small amount of money to a reforestation project in a region I have visited with my kids before. That makes business sense to me. Contributing to saving the planet has never been as easy. And my customers seem to appreciate it as well. That's a nice bonus! Highly recommend it. Is also Easy to install and use. Looks good on my site looks great, and I really like that my customers can see the impact my business is having on the environment...that's important to us, that sustainability. The dashboard is also great as it shows the status of the impact projects and has lots of insightful stats. Recommend!

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