Energy sensors

Gulplug innovative Save-It-Yourself® approach helps asset owners and plant or building managers monitor their energy consumption and machines operation, while reducing their electricity bill and enhancing energy management and predictive maintenance programs


Gulplug makes it is easy, fast and safe to clamp the energy sensors on any electrical consumer or machine, even while it is running, without any disruption to the building operations or the plant manufacturing processes.

Several plants in Europe from Schneider Electric, Fenwick-Linde, and Bonduelle have adopted Gulplug Save-It-Yourself® approach.

They have reduced their overall electrical consumption and costs by 8% to 12% for a payback within less than a year.

Other recent customers include: JTEKT Corporation (Japan), BASF, CEVA (France), SNCF (French railways), BHC Energy (the Energy Services subsidiary of Total group), Optinergie and 3E Performance (top tier Energy Services companies in France) are piloting and rolling out the Gulplug technologies at various sites.


Energy sensors